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Let   Me  Help  You  Look  &  Feel   Your Best!

Who I Am &  What I Believe 

My Journey

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Skincare Esthetician, providing holistic massage and skincare treatments.  My practice is located on beautiful Amelia Island, in the historic district of Fernandina Beach inside CorMieR Hair Studio serving the local communities of Nassau County on the East Coast of North Florida. 


As a licensed massage therapist since 2009, I have developed a deep desire and inspiration to heal others.  Throughout my childhood, both my parents instilled in me the values that I live by and apply to my life, relationships, my work ethic and in the approach to my treatments, such as the importance of integrity, compassion and using my gifts and creativity to serve others.  Today, these values fuel my passion to help the community through my work, and being a positive source and effective guide for my clients. I enjoy seeing and helping them achieve their health, wellness and skincare goals.


In my practice, I recommend  clients schedule regular sessions to acheive optimal results. Results vary based on what clients are looking to achieve, so its important to incorporate follow up with my clients,  staying  connected  to assess the healing process, and answer any questions or concerns they may have throughout their skincare or wellness  journey.  To get the best results from your massage or skincare treatments, it is also important clients schedule time between those sessions for self care at home and maintaining consistency with their skincare regimens.  I strive to both educate and encourage my clients to live better by adopting healthy habits and techniques for intentional living that can provide instant relief and longterm effectiveness,  helping them lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Lori Lombard 


My Philosophy

Licensed and trained in a variety of massage and skincare treatments, I am always looking to find new effective methods to refine my skills and incorporate innovative techniques into my practice that my clients can benefit from. 

 My philosophy ensures clients receive the maximum benefit of personalized care in a serene and relaxing environment.  I strive to achieve my clients desired results, through a consultative style approach to target their concerns.  By customizing treatment plans and followup assessments designed around realistic goals and time-lines,

I can help my clients improve their skin health and body wellness. By focusing on providing clients with exceptional service and the best experience my number one priority with every appointment,  I hope to make a lasting and positive impact with my clients. I am honored and grateful to be chosen as a trusted practitioner in part of their skin health and wellness journeys. 


Treatments are tailored to work in synergy with your skin type, specific goals and needs. My clients claim to feel more relaxed and renewed after each session. I love showing them how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference in their health, and skin by restoring confidence in their appearance, reviving that coveted healthy, youthful glow and rejuvenated complexion. 

My approach to massage therapy and skincare is one, in the same. To regard each client as whole, with a client centric, hands on heart centered mission to serve others. The role of presence is an essential element of communication during the treatment process. I recognize the inter-connectedness of the mind body & soul and the natural healing benefits alternative holistic therapies can provide, complimentary to western medicine.

With every treatment, it is my commitment 

to help you look and feel your BEST!   


Holistic Skincare  Products 

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I am happy to customize set up and coordinate arrangements for your group or organization's special event!

I offer on-site corporate chair massage and can arrange set up for special event and party packages, including  bridal spa day specials for individuals or small groups.

Advance deposit required upon confirmation to secure corporate & special event appointments.

Please allow a minimum 2-3 weeks prior notice for scheduling.






My Business was created in memory of my Mother, whom I honor as the heart, soul and inspiration of my practice.

 A portion of the proceeds from services provided to my clients receive will be donated in her name to the Alzheimer's Association of Central and Northern Florida, for the purpose of supporting the organization's mission to eliminate Alzheimer's disease, and furthering advancements in research to reduce the risk of dementia and promoting brain health.


I believe the power to heal is in our hands and together we can help find a cure to end Alzheimer’s Disease.


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